Imperfect Desires

Do you think the devil sends people and/or things just to tamper with the balance of your faith? No, it’s not a tricky question! But I’ll help you answer this… Advertisements


  There was a certain young lad who went flock feeding with his brothers, He loved his brothers and couldn’t just help but express it, was so loved by his father and to an extent few of his brothers. His father loved him so much because he was the second to the last product of … More THE AFTERMATH

Why I Believe In GOD

People ask why I believe in God so much and then I say to them- “He is the reason for my existence. He is my life support machine. I was made in His own image and likeness”. (The image and likeness of the creator of the universe…Omg!)


I remember vividly (Sin) was gentle with me, in the beginning i never would have imagine (Sin) hitting me. Now I picture (Sin) killing me and am suffering willingly but I try to settle things with (Sin) so I necessary won’t be needing wings to fly.

#TheLoversSeriesChapter2: Love And Support From The Church

First i will start by explaining what the Church is about- the Church is a group of people that forms up the body of Christ. So we are all from different parts but make up one body and perform different functions. 1 Corinthians 12:12-14 12 Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but … More #TheLoversSeriesChapter2: Love And Support From The Church